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Healthy Babies Prenatal Care Coordination services are designed to help pregnant women stay healthy, to help babies be born healthy and to lower the number of babies who die in our community.


What is it?


Our Healthy Babies program offers Prenatal Care Coordination (PNCC) to pregnant women of all ages who are low-income, Medicaid-eligible, or identified as at-risk for poor birth outcomes due to a variety of health or psycho-social issues. Many Healthy Babies clients deal with multiple issues and barriers while trying to access good prenatal care, Medicaid, and other local services. The many challenges these women face can lead to pregnancy complications for mom and poor birth outcomes for their babies.

The PNCC standard is to have one-on-one interactions between the care coordinator and the at-risk pregnant women. We also provide a multitude of educational opportunities. It is an effective way of engaging more clients and their significant others in those all-important weeks leading up to the birth of the infant.

Healthy Babies focuses on healthy birth outcomes, preventing premature birth and infant mortality. We also participate in the IDOH SAFE SEEP campaign, to make sure that every baby has a separate, safe place to sleep.  See the chart below for more vital information.

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What it can do for you:

  • Help you get early prenatal care with a physician – many area OB offices waive the up-front cash fee if you are a Healthy Babies client

  • Assist you in enrolling with Hoosier Healthwise and Medicaid

  • Make referrals to WIC, food pantries, counseling, breastfeeding support, education, parenting skills, support groups and more

  • Educational information about your pregnancy

  • Nutritional information for your pregnancy

  • Someone to talk to throughout your pregnancy

What you can gain:

  • Easy to understand explanations in regular language

  • Help getting the community services you request

  • Understand how your body changes during pregnancy

  • Find out how your baby grows inside of you

  • Earn BABE coupons

Healthy Babies


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Who We Are

Healthy Beginnings offers programs aimed at prevention, education and early intervention to enhance the health and lives of infants, young children and pregnant and/or breastfeeding women. Healthy Beginnings is part of the Elkhart County Health Department.

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